Multi-platform digital development & marketing agency.

Mustard is a digital development and marketing services company. Set-up in 1999 Mustard has grown up with the Internet and provides development and marketing services to enable companies to transact, promote and market on-line.

As well as providing services to clients, Mustard has also entered into a number of successful joint-ventures with online businesses and apps utilising the company’s skill set in the real-world. From partnering with retail companies to launching our own apps, we believe in putting our money where our mouth is.

Core professional service disciplines

A full services development company. And in conjunction with our sister Agency Yes&Pepper we can provide full service strategic marketing and branding services.

Multi-platform app & web development

We use a unique multi-platform approach to our app and web development work. These days it is rarely adequate to develop a digital asset that sits on a single platform, such as web or native mobile apps. Our philosophy is about “being where the users are”. We know that users move between platforms throughout the day. From mobiles in the morning, to desktops at lunch time and tablets in the evening.

Website and Online Campaign design and implementation

The goal of the digital design is to bring to life the campaign or brand on screen, and that also means the myriad of different screens that people look at your digital assets with. Our creative team has over 18 years experience of doing just this. Mustard builds and designs websites from Corporate sites, through to Online promotions such as tactical campaigns.

ECommerce software, solutions and implmentation

Way back in 1999, Mustard started as an internet technical solutions company, providing support to clients by building them systems to make their lives easier, such as back end reporting and eCRM systems. These roots haven’t been forgotten and bring a level of the technical experience to each project which we believe is still second to none. As you would expect we programme in all primary languages including ASP.NET, c#, PHP and Classic ASP, HTML, javascript, AJAX.

Internet Marketing

From Social Media Marketing to Search engine optimisation, we have extensive experience in operating with the full set of online options available today. More than this, we spend our own money operating in these fields with our own online retail companies and apps. This gives us a unique insight to what works and what doesn’t. We not afraid of saying no to the latest fad or recommending the old tried and tested methods as we KNOW through our own pain and successes what works and what doesn’t.

Money where mouth is

A selection of projects and businesses that we've invested our own money and skills in. Ten years ago we began entering into Joint Ventures with online Retail and Apps to use our skills sets in a real world environment. This gives us unqiue insights as to what works and what doesn't.


A web & native app is a must have companion app for all UK motorists. From a MOT Check to a full Vehicle Check KnowYourCar is a leading full vehicle information app with over 1.3 million users. Get Notifications when something important is due. Get an idea of how likely your car is going to pass its next MOT. Get recommendations on the best garages near you. Get important information such as tyres pressures, right oil, right battery, all at a single click


BanktheFood is a registered charity and are on a mission to ensure food banks always have exactly what they need, when they need it. Mustard built an advanced multi-platform app with its party piece being real-time notifications based on the user’s location. As they walk into a supermarket users get a ‘ping’ of their local food bank’s latest needs. This allows food banks to keep their donors accurately informed, and crucially at the exact moment people need to know, solving one of this sectors key problems.


A web & native app with the most comprehensive directory of UK fishing locations, with over 6,000 UK freshwater angling spots listed, and a large community user base that engages regularly. Live4Fishing is a multi-platform project utilising some of the very latest web technology. It houses multiple platform channels all served from a single base

Strive Swimming App

Strive is a unique App that provides real-time updates to competitive swimmers in the UK about their progress up the ranks. Competitive swimming is one of the hardest sporting disciplines and we developed this app to help and encourage swimmers. With complex algorithms it ranks each swimmer against their peers in various scenarios and also provides predications on their progression and when they are likely to hit their goals.

Some of the companies who've used and trusted us