Internet Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Social media is one of the most successful forms of new media marketing to arrive since the search engines. It’s not just about having a Facebook page, it’s much much more. Mustard can perform detailed integration to all of the major social platforms, from twitter and Facebook and beyond.

The art of social marketing is to make the best use of the vast data and tailor the experience to match. From Facebook applications that go viral, through to websites that adjust their content to the individual, Mustard performs leading edge marketing and strategies on these platforms. These are exciting times.

Search engine optimisation (SEO / Organic Search)

One of the most cost effective forms of marketing in existence today. Unsurprisingly it’s not easy. In fact it’s a bit of a black art. While a good 80% of the techniques used to perform good search engines optimisation are straightforward to work out, the remaining 20% is what it’s all about. Mustard has an in-house team of SEO experts. We do not outsource any part of the work, as it is essential to ensure the quality of any work can stand up to the scrutiny of the major search engines.

Our team perform two key tasks. The first is optimising the website itself to ensure that the desired key phrases are correctly coded and easily identifiable by the search engines spider software. The key aim is to ensure that the spiders understand the ‘topic’ of the site and that this topic actually matches the desired key phrases. The second is creating the right ‘noise’ out on the internet to ensure the search engines understand the buzz and key topics that a website is about – this part has nothing to do with the website. It’s all ‘off-site’ work.

How does Mustard do this? Well, we’re not telling. It’s our trade secret and one that we’ve worked extremely hard over the years to evolve and perfect.

Paid Search (PPC)

PPC is not just about showing an advert on the internet, it involves a myriad of factors to ensure you get a good ROI. The management of your PPC campaigns is more than driving traffic to your site; it also involves converting the visitor once they have landed. We fine tune your ad campaigns to target your audience and above all else, we make sure you are competitive and your click through rate increases, while lowering your cost per click.

Research is paramount and our understanding and experience will provide a PPC campaign geared towards maximising your ads performance and enhancing your brands integrity.